Design of Stormwater Management Systems


Design of Storm Sewers and Pavement Drainage


Hydraulic Design of Culverts


Introduction to HEC HMS


Introduction to HEC RAS





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Design of Storm Sewers and Pavement Drainage

This two day course provides students with a thorough knowledge of surface pavement drainage design and hydraulic design of storm sewer systems. The course includes a brief review of hydrology for pavements, and detailed information on sizing curb open inlets, grates, and curb and gutter flow. More than one day is spent on sizing storm sewers, computing energy losses and hydraulic grade line calculations. Example problems are performed using nomographs and calculators. 1.4 CEUs

Course Outline:

Intro to Open Channel Flow
Hydrology Using Rational Method
Drainage of Highway Pavements
Example Problems
Intro to Storm Sewers/Energy Losses
Hydraulic Grade Line Calculations
Example Problems