Design of Stormwater Management Systems


Design of Storm Sewers and Pavement Drainage


Hydraulic Design of Culverts


Introduction to HEC HMS


Introduction to HEC RAS










Introduction to HEC-HMS
(Hydrologic Modeling System)

This new course combines hydrologic theory with the application of the Corps of Engineers hydrologic software, HEC-HMS version 3.4.   Attendees will learn basic rainfall-runoff processes, storage and channel routing techniques, HMS model setup and simulation.  Applications include watershed modeling, channel routing and detention pond analysis.  The course does not cover GEO-HMS.  All attendees must bring their own laptop computers to get the full benefits of the course. Course materials include Course Workbook, HMS User Manuals and HMS software. 1.4 CEUs.


Course Overview
Intro to HMS/Model Overview
Hydrologic Theory
Basic Model Setup and Simulation
Watershed Example 1 – SCS Method
Detention Design Theory
Detention Pond Analysis Example 2
Channel Routing Theory
Channel Routing Example 3